Separate Ways cover, first mix on a new setup


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My Presonus 24 classic just died and I replaced it and the recording PC while I was at it.

Sooo.. a few years ago I got stems from some friends from college goofing around with a Separate Ways cover. I chose that as my first remix.

This is my first mix on this new setup. There's a few snares in here I don't like, but all around i think they did a good job tracking it.

Bash away :)


Guitars - I reamped through a 6505 and a Splawn 4x12 (SM57/e906)
Bass - DI and a Sansamp
Drums - Kick and Snare resampled through SSD4
Vocals - No clue, A little bright for my tastes but I did my best with it
Keys - No clue, but he nailed the Journey patch

Presonus 32SX, Cubase 10, Waves plugins mostly


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I forgot about this song. It's fun. I think you did a good job tracking it. The original has a little more "space" around it. I think you could experiment with some reverbs here. Out of curiosity I'd be interested to hear this with a more modern approach to the mix as if it were a recent pop song on the radio.


Nice, this sounds great overall! Most of my comments will be nit picking -

Love the vocals, it could maybe use a touch more reverb/presence to make it sound like youre in a stadium, as well as maybe a touch of autotune/melodyne here and there (though maybe that's just my pop music standards coming out :P). I love the synths too, though I feel like they get a bit buried behind the very present guitars (which also sound great). I would maybe try and find some frequency and/or panning space to separate the synths a bit more from the guitars.

The guitar solo, like the vocals, could maybe use a bit more verb or delay to make it sound like you're in a stadium playing to a million fans vs. in your basement.