Seeking Feedback on my first project from new home studio


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The overall song is pretty good. I like your voice, most of the instrumentation is fine. Mostly it needs some fine tuning.

The drums didn't seem to fit too well for me, they sound a bit thin and hollow. If it's a midi track, that's a easy fix, you can run them through a different drum sim, maybe get a fatter, more realistic sound. One of the nice things about my Alesis SR18 is the variety of drum sounds. Programming it is a pain in the butt, but the sounds are great.

The lead guitar part might be a bit too strong, It needs to vary some, bring the level down some, especially in the verses. It might help if you run it through an amp sim to add a bit of distortion. It almost sounds too "squeaky clean". Was it recorded straight into an interface?

It's a great starting point. Some additional work can easily take it to the next level.


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I agree it's a good song and the voice is very nice. The main thing is the lead guitar being too loud. I'd lower that about 6dB and get used to how that sounds.


A good song. As others have mentioned, the lead guitar is a bit (a lot) to loud. I would also consider to eq out a bit of the lows of the lead in the intro. As the song goes by the lead gets a little repetitive. Strong and well recorded and produced vocals.
Thanks for the responses. Vocals are my wife, she has a very lovely voice and she doesn't use it nearly often enough. I gave her a little compression and a little reverb. On her eq, I high passed @ 100hz, notched out a little 1.2khz due to voice/mic/room resonance, and gave her about 2.5 to 3dB @ 300hz and 4khz.

I am often guilty of mixing a guitar part (or three) too hot... so I am not surprised there. I will learn restraint.

The drums are MTPDKII, humanized and eq'd little.

I went back and ran the lead guitar and drums through a saturator for a new mix-down. I also chopped the second chorus in half. I am going to put it away for the day and listen with fresh ears again tomorrow.

Thanks so much for the feedback, I am sure I will have a nicer product tomorrow!
Nobody is obligated to listen again, but I will post today's version in case anyone wants to hear it with some massaging. The guitar is probably still a little too hot, but it is a little more balanced. I cut out half of the extra-long chorus. And I think I left the tambourine and shaker muted in the first mix... they come in in the second chorus for a little variety.

fuzzsniffvoyage, it is a cover of a song by Ween and that is kinda how their studio version ended. I told my wife we should maybe fade out during the chorus repeat (because I really thought it was too long) but she wanted it a little more true to the original. I also thought about getting the "with you" in there and then repeating a chorus to fade out with a guitar solo instead of vocals.

But anyway, she thinks it is great and obviously our moms love it (haha, our biggest fans, still). Thanks a bunch!


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I think the ending is OK. It has a good resolution. And yup.. the guitar is still a bit too much - intro is ok, but I'd like it lower after that.