SATB 4-part mixing - the imperial march


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Greetings home recordists, noob here..
With this 4-part reduction (below) i was trying to find a basic tone that was clear/simple but hopefully not boring.

Setting levels and panning is pretty straight forward, but eq and compression is where I get lost.
In particular, the tenor and bass parts seem to meld together without much separation.
Also, some spots have an unpleasant kazoo-like vibe I couldn't get rid of.

Any advice/suggestions on how to improve this mix (denser/more aggressive sound, better clarity, better tone,
better expressivity etc) would be much appreciated, thnx!

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It sounded pretty good to me. A few of the higher notes had a little too much bite to them. I thought that at times the melody line got a little buried in the bed tracks.

Other than that, I thought it was pretty good.