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I'm on Acid Music Studio 8.0 and I'd like to know (I didnt find how yet) if it's possible to record automatically every samples used in a song in the same folder of that song ?

I got 60 Go of samples not yet ordered and I got to make a fastidious search each time I change a thing in my folders..

Thank you
Always read the manual first...

ACID lets you save 2 types of files,
Just the ACID project file ( .acd with no embedded audio) or
Embedded Media ( .acd-zip with all media files in an included folder).

Now if you're talking about the sample you use in a vsti (like Kontakt or other sampler)
I don't think it will do that. You'll have to look at the sampler to see if there is a save
function you can use for that.

In any case, you should always be putting each project in its own folder so you can organize and back them up without losing anything....