Same song on Spotify and Youtube - which is better?

rob aylestone

In aniother topic we were considering what popular platforms do to music. Most of my music is quiet and lacking dynamics, but I did this cover last year and it's got louder bits and quiet bits.

spotify link
Youtube link

They are from the same source - a 48K wav file from Ditto - who I use for covers.
I think the Spotify version has more dynamics - and sounds a bit punchier, but maybe others will disagree. Interesting to hear how the same material is treated.
I guess I'll have to get a Spotify account to do this. I've resisted this long. .

Have you downloaded both versions and compared them to the original for overall volume and calculated LUFS (both int and short term)?
Not yet, I think that’s a sensible thing to do. Maybe if I can align them into two channels it would then be easier to compare. I must admit that Spotify is one subscription I actually feel I get my moneys worth out of.
Man it is really close but I agree the spotify may have a slight bit more clarity...something...but it is nill in the big picture....

Blind test I doubt I could accurately / consistently pick which was which...That'd actually be a cool thing for you to do... not watching.... have someone else play a 5 second part of each several times back n forth and see how well you do at correctly identifying which was which...
One of my favourite Alan Parsons tracks and I was experimenting with synths - I can't put a word to the difference, but Spotify does seem to just be a bit more in your face?