Roswell Mic Q&A video


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warning...about blew my ears out really loud......dang! is it at 14 LUFS?
I turned my headphone amp down from 1 oclock to 9oclock....

impressive though running two companys.... he says the Capsule is the main thing, Klaus also says this and others.
but it seems to be the policy the capsule is the big tone change of a mic vs headbasket, and caps etc...components have "subtle effects" some hear it some dont hear the big change. Platinum series....

I like his response to better or not better...or "its not better if you dont have any money for the platinum" etc.. lol

RK-47 capsule is pretty well known. Hes definitely got a lot of mic design knowledge.

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There's another one today (26 Apr 2021) at 2PM PT (UTC-7).

Here's a link. I think it will still be valid after it's over.