Roland TR-8S Vintage Drum Machine Kits


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I bought a Roland TR-8S some months ago. As i started to learn the machine, i noticed that most of the factory kits are demo songs and not drum kits. Roland is trying to convince people that their latest drum machine is a groove box. Most of the kits have chord stabs, leads, basses and sounds that are totally unusable if you are searching for drum patterns. Frustrated by the lack of usable kits, i decided to make my own. I started sampling classic drum machines, drum synths, romplers, vstis and everything i could lay my hands on. After 2 months of work, the result are 22 kits + patterns.

The kits can be bought at Bandcamp ( google bandcamp rhythm electronics tr-8s ) and include:

8 Classic Drum Machines Digital & Analog Kits

- Sequential Circuits DrumTraks
- Oberheim DX
- Linn Electronics LinnDrum
- E-Mu SP-12
- Korg CR8000
- E-Mu Drumulator
- Simmons SDSV
- Yamaha DDD-5

14 Drum Kits Inspired by labels like Mo' Wax, Warp, Strictly Rhythm, Trax, with samples recorded from:

- Elektron Rytm
- Elektron Analog Four
- Microtonic
- Dave Smith Tempest
- AudioRealism Drum Machine

All the kits have demo patterns to start banging beats right away
All the kits are based on samples meticulously recorded from mint state Drum Machines

If you have any questions, fire away.