Roland NT1


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I need a decent mic for vocals and recording acoustic guitar parts, mainly steel string.
I found this Rode NT1 bundle which comes with a mic, cable and a pop filter for 185 euros( about 240 dollars), which is cheap very cheap for that kind of mic I think.
I was just wondering if any of you have any experience of this mic?

is it good? What is the sound like when recording vocals, what about steel string guitar?


PS. correction to the subject it is RODE NT1


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While I have no personal experience with the NT1, I have owned an NT2a for some time now. I could be wrong here, but to me it appears that the NT1 and NT2 are the same thing, just one has switches on it and the other doesn't.

I'm really happy with my NT2a, it has a very clear sound to it. Some people say that Rode mics tend to be a little too bright, but for me it works. I've even used the NT2 to mono mic my drum kit with pretty good results.

BTW - The NT1 and NT2 while still selling for the same price, now include the shockmount and pop filter. I had to buy a shock mount seperately when I got mine. The new shockmount is all metal, fairly heavy, and seems quite solid. The pop filter is a double ply mesh with about an 1/8" - 1/4" space between them. Also the swing arm the filter is attached to can extend to about 4" total so you can position your pop filter where you need it.

Overall, I am happy with the NT2, and I'd imagine your experience to be the same with the NT1.


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If it's this bundle then yeah it's pretty cool. the NT1a is a pretty versatile mic although it can be a little bright. However, if it's the original Rode NT1 without the "a" (the original is matt grey rather than silver) then jump on it with both hands! those things are flippin' awesome!