Roland MC-303 Groovebox Midi Notes Out


I've had an MC-303 for years. I enjoy it. I thought I've sent out midi signals to record in Pro Tools or to my synth. But, it doesn't seem to be working.

I can sync it up to be a slave or master, and that's perfect. I turn Sys 2 to ON and it still doesn't send out the midi notes to be recorded. I have the cables set up properly, but neither Pro Tools or my Korg synth will record the midi notes.

The drums send is 1 or 10 and I've changed inputs to both and still nothing.

I can't find anything on-line or in the manual about the MC-303 sending out the midi notes. There's plenty of tutorials about syncing, but not about sending. Am I just wrong, and I've never recorded midi notes from this machine.

I have no problem with my synth to Pro Tools and Pro Tools to Roland kit.

This is frustrating.


Thanks. I tried that last week on something else. It's a bulk dump of the entire system (so it seems).

The MC-303 is completely UN user friendly.

I want to patch pieces together, and it doesn't work the way you think of sequencers to work. It's a royal pain the ass.


COO of me, inc.
Where it says to start recording on the external sequencer is where I kinda thought your DAW (as the external sequencer?) would record whatever part was being dumped, then somehow it would appear on the track you used to record with. This would have to be a completed part you were transferring to the DAW.. not the DAW recording as you play.

Well, that was my thinking when I read through that section.


That's what I thought also and it's not it.

I was able to record a track of kick from the 303, transfer that track to melodyne, create a MIDI file and put that in Pro tools. It's a PAIN IN THE ASS. I have to do it for the snare and hats. If I add anything else I'll do it manually.

I'm recording this song with my old guitarist, he's in PA. I sent him a drum, bass and vocal track, and he was going to do the guitars. He decides to add something before the song starts and moves all the tracks forward. BUT, he doesn't do it by measures, he does it by sound. So, now instead of the drums coming in on Measure 2 or even measure 20, they enter at like 22:3:248 or something ridiculous like that. I'm probably off a micro-fraction. I don't notice it... But... It's never easy for me.