Roland Jv-1010, Xv-2020.

Balance of LP

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I might be able to receive one of these modules for christmas. I'd like to do a little homework on them first, whether I choose the Jv 1010 or the Xv 2020 it'll be my first synth. I dont like to record, I dont have any artists to record either. But, I'm a newbie and Id still like to get a module so I can start learning. I probably will not be making songs, just instrumentals. The genre I like to make beats in is hip-hop, r&b, neo-soul, a little bit of jazz. But Id most likely be doing alot of hip-hop. I dont think that the price matters, since its only a $200 difference. I think the parents would buy the one I want, but I wanna make it worth wild because out of the 2 I choose it'll be the only gift I get.

So, if anyone has personal experience with either the 2020 or the 1010 Im asking for a bit of guidance. I'm also buying the Roland PC300 MIDI controller, thats what Ill be working with. The deal Ill get with that PC300, is Cubase comes with it. So I pretty much have all of what I need, I think. Ive already bought Cool Edit Pro v1.2 & FLoops v3.56 so I think I'm off to a good start.

If anybody can help me out here, Id appreciate it. Id like to find out if Im better off with the 1010 or the 2020 with my desires. Thanks in advance, I dont mean to be a dick but it would be nice to get word real quick since my parents are leaving for an out of town trip in two days to christmas shop. Thanks, Peace.