Rock of Ages


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So i bought a harmonium recently and wanted to record it so came up with this tune. I recorded a bunch of loops and spent most of my time arranging the loops into a song like structure. Wrote some lyrics and reluctantly sang it. I slapped the ending jam on last minute just to get out of the one note drone thing, not sure if that part is working...Any comments or criticisms are welcome, i'm still early in the process and open to changing things. Thanks!



I like this Its unusual .. The drone of the Harmonium works well & give a kind of Celtic Feel
Vocals are nice & you have a pleasant voice Relaxing to hear . personally i think the vocals
could be a little more up front in the mix Otherwise Top Stuff


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I had to google harmonium but it sounds excellent, I like the tone of the drone. Vocals really suit the material. I was expecting/hoping the drone would reappear to close it out. The acoustic fits well too. This one's a keeper, great job

R D Smith

I like the song. The droning was a little loud for the vocals, I had a hard time making them out. I actually would like to hear the song with the drone lower or maybe without it. When it stopped at about 3:15 it was like the song cleared up.


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The song really has a great feel to it and a catchy melody. The acoustic sounds fantastic. Props on your engineering skills and ear for a mix!
Not much to complian about on this one.
Nice work!
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Love that drone!! Gave me a Peter Gabriel vibe (Biko) , this is really great , lyrics, vocal, everything really sounds great on my headphones! Fantastic change when the acoustic guitars kick in....outstanding!


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Thank you all for the nice and helpful comments. Seems the consencus is to turn up the vocals. I agree, the vocals are at a constant volume and need to be raised as the music volume gets louder. That's my plan for today. There's also some synth tracks that are muddying up the bottom at times. I'll include a photo of the harmonium, it's a good flavor to have in the collection. Mine is a cheaper one, it sounds good but there's a delay between hitting a key and sound which makes it hard to play. I'm already wanting one with quicker action, in case anyone would purchase one in the future. I'll post a remix within the next few days. Thanks for your time and ears!IMG_20210401_125728565(1).jpg