Rew eq Filters - Bandwidth?


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Hi People,

I have a Home Studio Setup with treatment etc and am focusing/listening on different Speaker Positions to find the best one.

I have taken a bunch of measurements and wanted to use the EQ correction within REW (will use Sonarworks on final spkr placement).

I'll be generating the eq correction in REW using the "Generic" setting and inputting the filters in FabFilters ProQ3.

Can someone please tell me what Bandwidth the Generic filters in REW are (db per Octave)?

I couldn't find any info but is probably staring me in the face.

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I believe it's specified in Q rather than bandwidth. Higher Q is narrower.

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Thanks for that boulder,
Got my slope vs bandwidth mixed up.
But even on a Bell curve the slope does affect the shape. Still wondering what the REW eq slopes are.