Review my singing/tips to improve please


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Hey! I'd like some tips on improving my singing, thanks! I screwd at the chorus 2nd part btw xD.
Also most singers sing above C4. I can't sing take me to church in the original key because it's too high, some advice on that?

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You have good voice...and you sing in tune (yay!). :D

You might work on your timing/phrasing a bit...and hold a better rhythm with the guitar.
Try using a metronome if you can't tap your foot in time, and just lock into that rhythm with your phrasing.
You don't have to copy some original rendition, you can do your own thing...but it should lock in with the rhythm.

AFA not being able to hit past a certain's your range.
You can sometimes extended a bit with pracrice, but we all have our range and you just have to find stuff that fits it or transpose the music to fit it.

Anyway...get some better recording gear, and keep at it. :)