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When mixing down and adding reverb, in general, should I use the same type of reverb on all my tracks with different send levels, or does that really not matter. I'm mainly thinking in terms of guitar, keyboards and vocals.
If you are among the "Blessed" and have multiple digital reverbs; by all means you should use different settings for certain tracks, during mixdown.

Many of us poor folks have to "Print" the reverb on the track while recording, so we can change the patch to a different room setting during mixdown.

I would love to have a separate effects unit for each track!

Dom Franco
I have an effects processor with my Roland 1680. I'm justr wondering if it will sound muddy mixing room reverbs with hall reverbs with plate reverbs,...ect.
Too much reverb will muddy up a mix!
It will do so even with one patch setting for all instruments. Use effects sparingly.

However using several different reverbs
(Small room for kick drum) (large hall for snare) (Delay on guitars) etc.. will not ruin a mix. It will instead create a spacial depth
for each instrument, and can really liven up a song. Just don't over use any effect.

Panning can help to separate intruments also, and you can send a dry signal left and a "Wet" signal right, for a neat stereo effect!


Dom Franco