Resurrection after 15 years.


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Back in 2005, a few of us who had played together in the 70s got together with a couple of other friends to play some old tunes. I had just bought a nice new Yamaha AW16G the year before, so I threw up some mics on the drums, bass and electric piano and hit record. I had plans to add guitar parts and vocals later on the other 8 tracks. Unfortunately, the AW was in the basement when 18 inches of water decided to invade. I figured the unit was toast, but weeks of drying and lots of contact cleaner, I got it working, except for the CD drive which was eventually replaced. By that time I had bought a new AW1600 so the 16G sat.

With all the lockdown, and being retired, it was time to see what I could resurrect from the old 16G.

Everything was transferred via CDRW to Reaper, and it was time to add those guitars and vocals. I've done a couple of songs so far. The rust is evident in the playing , and the voice isn't so great, but basically I've gotten back something that I figured was lost forever. Eventually I'll try to send copies to the three remaining guys. They might get a kick out of it.

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Nice to have some resurrected nostalgia...rusty playing by whose standards?!...all sounds tight to me. Hope your mates enjoy ?