Removing difficult crackling noise in a grand piano recording


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I am restoring some excellent grand piano recordings. I am using Audition CC. Here:

Sample Hiss by tfm | Free Listening on SoundCloud

there is sample of the Bach Well Tempered Clavier, Prelude II. This one was recorded in Merkin Concert Hall, NY, around 80's.

I've cleaned stationary noise and I am satisfied with the results. However, there is a resilient ckacling noise coming with the notes. It is mostly in the 300 - 700Hz, and it just comes when there is a note, so I can't have a noise print, neither add a filter without unacceptable distortion.

I am not sure if this noise was added during original recording or digital transcription. Still have access to the original tape, although I don't have a quality reel to digital conversion system.

Is there any way I could at least soften this noise?

Thank you.
ok i see it... cant do FFT if it coincides with notes...

i guess if u could "find" the frequency dialing around w/parametric, then narrow it in on the freq... mabe u could set up a narrow band of compression and keep tweaking it until it helped maybe? *shrugs*