Redco 5 pin tube mic cable, WGS BL80 guitar speaker, P-Rail pup


bollocks redux!
Redco tube microphone cable - I got this from Redco a little while back for a modded tube mic I had made as a spare. I no longer have that mic but was holding onto the cable as a spare. This configuration-- Mogami tube mic cable, five pin XLR black and gold right angle female end, five pin male XLR black and gold end, would cost you about $60 shipped from them. This cable is I'll do $40 shipped to the lower 48 US states.

Also, moving out a couple of guitar related things-- a WGS British Lead 80 12", 16 ohm speaker in excellent shape. I bought this to use in my iso cab when I got an Egnater Rebel head and cab, but then I sold those so I don't really need this. $55 shipped to the lower 48

Finally (for now) a Seymour Duncan Bridge P-Rail humbucker/p-90/single (blade) coil pickup in good shape with a bit more than 5" of lead. $55 shipped to the lower 48.


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bollocks redux!
p-rails sold!
i also have 4 NOS .22 100DC Sprague Vitamin Q caps if any of you DIY'ers are interested. 12 shipped to the US for all four!