recording real time net audio to cassette


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I want to record audio from a webcast to my home cassette deck. What's the bestway? I tried using a 1/8" stereo to RCA from the line out of my PC, plugging the RCAs into my home receiver and recorded from that. I had problem getting enough level to record so I used a line from the headphone jack on the receiver into the tape deck. (I also had taken the line directly into the tape deck without getting a good input level). When I used the line from the receiver headphone jack I could turn up and get enough level, but the tape sounds compressed, muffled, tinny (yes, all at once!) However, the sound as its coming through the monitors in real time during the recording sounds good.

thanks, Ere1
P.S. I would record directly to hard disk except for two problems: my hard disk is
under 2 gig and I can't afford a bigger one just yet; and I can't find any info at this
site or elsewhere about using streaming-type audio off the net as the recording
source. Everything I've seen assumes that your source is coming from a periphial
like a CD player, DAT, minidisc, or from a track already on your HD.