Recording Problem in Adobe Audition


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Hi Friends,

I've had a very frustrating recording issue lately. I don't know what induces it but here's what happens (at random). In my audio track, the noise floor noise (airflow, etc.) will rise and become louder as my voiceover becomes lower. It's almost like the power of my signal chain is straining. My noise floor goes from -50 to -40 and my voice just gets killed. I'm using an Apollo Twin Solo with a 416 microphone. Anyone ever experienced this? It's very negatively affecting my business. SAMPLE ATTACHED.

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That IS odd. I've never had a "fade to black" happen, and I use an Apollo Twin MKII SOLO and Adobe Audition (just for recording the initial WAV file). Is there anything in the FX chain that would cause ducking, or is this a unmixed raw file from Audition? By the way, your voice sound great.
I've replied to the OP in a thread over at the Audition user forums. Still to be confirmed but the problem may be a mix of a compressor in the record chain and a mate with the TV on in the next room.