Recording Narrator


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I just got a gig to record a Narrator.

It's all speech and no music. Kind of like reading the news.
Is there any tips people can give me
like- special EQ or compression.
Should I use any reverb at all ?.

I'm at a lose here. Ive never recordid any thing other then music on vocals.

I also got another job on cleaning an old recording from cassette.
Other then appliying noise reduction can any body give me a tip on how to advance on this.
Yo Shailat:

I don't know what type of unit you're using to record the "voice." But, "voice" is easy. Just one track to deal with. However, you can record the single voice on two tracks and that would give you more boost in the mix-down.

I would use some reverb, just enough to add some ambience to the voice. The EQ tweaking is optional.

Also, use a "popper-stopper" in front of the mic or make your own using some bendable plastic and a nylon stocking.

As for "cleaning" a tape, you can add some reverb if you put the tape's contents into your recorder and then mix it back again. You can also use some EQ and tweak the tape. But don't over use the reverb because most recordings already have reverb; but I've done some neat things with a recorded tape by enhancing the dry with some wet.

Good luck,
Green Hornet