Recording multi instruments - Finding their space with EQ


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I'm trying to google a concept I'm aware of, but I'm sure if I'm using the correct terminology in my searches. So I'm not finding much.

What I'm waning to improve on is: when you record multiple instruments, (guitars, keyboards, vocals) and they go into your mix, trying to find where to cut or boost on each instrument in the EQ spectrum in order to help each instrument play nice with each other. Frequency's are going to overlap no matter what, but finding what instruments to thin out, and which one's to allow to be the warm body of the mix is something I'm trying to get better at. I know automation is key in this subject also. For excample if a guiar is playing with the rest of the band, you might thin it out. But when the band stops and the guitarist keeps playing, you might want to use automation to add thickness back to the guitar as it preforms on it's own.

Anyone know of some good youtube instructors on the subject?

This is a great subject matter that I know I need more help with as well!
Making room can be done with various tools including automation of EQ, but also Instrument arrangements, and using volume ducking.
I occasionally use volume ducking for Backing Instruments when solos come in and even ducking the Bass Guitar (or upright bass even) for softer sounding Bass Drum Hits to come through.