Recording Levels


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Got a new laptop for music, set up my Scarlett interface and Studio One Pro, and am having issues with levels. Specifically, the guitar plugged into instrument line 1 is very very loud when monitoring my performance - but the actual recorded level is much much lower (maybe 20db). I'm absolutely loving the tone and power I feel behind the guitar when performing and monitoring the sound, but the recorded level, again, is far lower and I need to really boost that channel to get decent gain within the program.

My previous setup prior to reinstalling everything on a new laptop did not have this issue. Whatever level I monitored the instrument at was the same as the recorded level in playback. I can't find anything that would cause this - anyone have any ideas?

It's all guitars, and I'm running them through a GNX3000 guitar workshop. No levels have been changed on this device, only a new computer with reinstalled studio software and updated scarlett drivers.