Recording in the u2 vertigo way


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I need some basic rules to recording my songs with the main guitar panned hard left like in the song vertigo of u2, before to send the tracks to an audio ingeneer for the mix and mastering.

I have some basic questions :

The main guitar panned hard left, do i need to put lot of reverb and a short delay to it to thick the tone?

Where can i pan a second guitar track for the choruses?

Does the bass track and the vocals are panned center both? Of bass panned center and vocals at 10 or 15 right?

Thanks by advance.
The person mixing will make these decisions - if you are not mixing, just track laying it doesn't matter? You can experiment and try the idea out - but there is no magic forumal to follow. If you are letting somebody else mix it, then are you giving them mono or stereo tracks or stems? Normally, you simply close your eyes and place things in space - if you have a second guitar then logic suggests it will fill the guitar empty space your idea for hard panning has created. More common sense than any kind of rule. The person mixing will EQ and pan appropriately for the song you're working on.
the thing you DO want,
is spectral balance from left to right.

this can be done using several different methods.