Recording help Teac A-2340R


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Help! I recently purchased this 2340R, not sure why but thought it was a cool machine. Had it refurbished for about $300 to have it run properly. Well I have read my owners manual and you tube and googled to no end with no success on recording from a turntable which is hooked up through my receiver. I have spent numerous hours trying all sorts of connection possibilities but not luck. No movement on VU meters, seems to be no signal coming through. 🤔!!!!


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Depending on your receiver, it should be easy. The receiver should have something called Tape Monitor. Hopefully its not one of the new receivers with only HDMI type connectors!

Older receivers always had tape out and tape in connections. Standard RCA cables go from the Tape Out lines of the receiver to the input of the Teac, then output from the Teac to the Tape In of the receiver. The Teac should have the channels on the back labeled as R and L.

It might help if we knew what type of receiver you have. Different models have different ways of routing.