Recording from cassettes to computer then to cd.


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I have not seen this posted on the board but maybe I didn't use the correct search words. I am a newbie so be gentle.
Using Windows98, 30 day trial version of Cool Edit 2000, CDWave, a cassette deck connected to 128 voice onboard sound card using the standard RCA-to-mini plug cable and the Adaptec Easy CD Creator v. 3.5c.
Following the very helpful suggestions posted in this forum the following problems occurred:
1. While the music was being recorded to the hard drive by Cool Edit 2000 it sounded perfect but once the recording was played back off the saved recording it sounded very distorted. I left all the default setting as they were. It sounded as if the recording level or treble was set way to high. The same distortion occurred after it was recorded to a cd. The same results occurred when I tried recording with CDWave. I searched all over for an equalizer, recording level setting or treble adjustment but could find none in either program. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
2. The next problem occurred in Cool Edit 2000. I know it should be saved in wav format but there are several to choose from such as: Windows PCM(*.wav), Microsoft ADPCM(*.wav)or ACM Waveform(*.wav)- I used the default Windows PCM - since there was no simple wav. Suggestions?
3. My Adaptec Easy CD Creator V. 3.5c kept locking up my system. I set it up to record a full cd but it would only get a few songs then stop. I was forced to reboot my machine. The few songs that were burned on the cd-r would play on my computers cd player but not on my home stereo. Being persitant I tried 3 times with the same results. I know I told the program that it was to be used on any cd player & I chose close session. I do not think it can be a memory problem because I have 255 mb of ram with a 20 gig hard drive that isn't a quarter full. I am checking Adaptec's home page for updates but any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.