Recording Ableton track using "What U Hear"


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Hi folks. First post here.

So im using Sound Blaster Command with Ableton Live 11.

I have an SBX profile set up that makes my tracks sound that extra bit better. However, when exporting out of Ableton, the effects don't carry over to the WAV i export from Ableton.

Is there someway i can export my track, while using the SBX profile so the original file includes the enhancements from Sound Blaster Command?



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Those adjustments won't ever be in the export from Ableton because they are being applied after program's output. It's like turning the bass or treble controls up when you listen to a CD or movie... it won't ever be on the source.

If you know exactly what the soundblaster tone adjustments are doing, the proper way to do this would be to eliminate the enhancements from the Soundblaster, and do them with the EQ adjustments in Ableton. The SBX Crystalizer and Bass controls sound a bit like the old Loudness control on stereos.

The only way that I can see to get the effect would to do an audio capture while Ableton was playing the track through the SBX in real time. You could use something like Audacity to do the audio capture by routing the audio output to Audacity's input and save as a file. Very cumbersome and slow, but it would achieve your goal. I've never used What U Hear, but it appears to be the same basic process.