recording a grand piano


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i need some good information on how to record a grand piano. i'm looking for specific type, number, and placement of mics, eq, compression, philosophy, etc. i would appreciate hearing maybe three versions - the "money is no object" method, the "average $35/hr studio" method, and the "i want to do it right, but at the least possible cost" method. the kurzweil no longer cuts it (i love it - the piano player hates it).
I have never recorded a piano, but something that I've heard on CD and that is easy to try is:

With the lid up, use two good mics in B-ear config (90 degrees apart to simulate a human head with ears) about 40 cm infront of the pianist head.

result a recording similar to what the piano player hears when playing.
Each piano note will have its own pan. Lows to the left. Mids to the center. highs to the right.