recording a demo from hi8 to a cd-r? confused!


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I have mixed down my demo (recorded on a tascam 488mkII) to a hi8 video tape. I want to record a cd from this hi8 tape so i can use this cd to dub distribution tapes from.

I do not own a cd-r, therefore I will have to rent one. It will most likely be one of those cheaper, stand-alone phillips ones that you see in catalogs for about $600, not a computer cd-r drive. My question is, can I just hook the stereo outs from my hi8 player/recorder to the ins on the cd recorder and dub the tracks, or will i run into trouble with sample rate conversion, and other such difficulties?

also, i have an alesis nanocompressor, which i used to compress the mixdown signal when mixing down to the hi8. should i use it when dubbing the hi8 to the cdR?

if anybody can, please outline the exact steps i would take when making the connections and recording to the cdr. i will check this bbs soon, so please mention it if any part of my question is unclear. i need any assistance you can offer.
I won't ask why you went to Hi8 specifically, but it's better than harm done, I'm sure.

Yes, just hook the outs to the ins and do your thing...the Philips will do the conversion just fine.

It's not a "sample rate conversion" though, that refers to when you are taking a digital output that was recorded at one rate and sending it to a digital input at another rate. In this case, you have an analog output signal from the Hi8 tape going to analog inputs on the Philips, and it's being converted (A/D conversion) to 44.1 KHz internally in the Philips for burning to CD-R.

Since you already compressed the mix and are presumably satisfied with it, don't make the mistake of compressing it again! That won't make it better...
The stand alone Phillips is ideal for what you are trying to do. Better than a computer CDR because the A-D converters are better on the Phillips than the ones on all home computers.

I am glad you chose to mix down to Hi 8 audio video tape. (analogue Hi8 right). I am a big fan of mixing to HiFi VHS because of its sound quality and availablity. I have been wondering about these stereo 8mm camcorders. About their quality and their comparisons to regular VHS and HiFi Stereo VHS.

* How many lines of resolution does an 8mm camcorder have?
* Ho many lines of resolution does a Hi8mm camcorder have?

* Ho many minutes of audio-video can you put on a Hi8 tape?
* What are the audio specs of a stereo Hi8 camcorder? Both listed and your subjective listening experience.

You can also try live mixing a whole band to the Hi8 two track straight from the line outs of your 488mkII.
Also make sure that the stand alone Phillips CDR can be read by a normal CD player so you can make your dubs without the Phillips CDR.

Also don't compress again. You have already done that. No more, espaecially for a CD. You might have been better off not compressing to the Hi8 either.

Where you do want to compress is going to cassette tape. especially Normal bias. Maximize that S/N ratio. Compress the whole song to a dynamic range of about 10 to 15 dB.