Record cover song in Logic Pro X with audio guide track - how to sync??


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Hello there,

I'm trying to dive deeper into my home recording skills and have actually a few projects that I'm working on that require some decent demos. I use Logic Pro X on a Mac mini with a Focusrite pro 40. I've recently added EZ Drummer 2 and I'm very happy with a drum set I build in it. I've so far been able to find loops that I like - I'm still learning how to use EZ Drummer 2 but I'm getting there.

What I want to do next is take a track that I've been playing with one of my cover bands and actually record it in a different key and as a heavier version. I took the original and transposed it into the key I want with other software. So I have an MP3 now that is in the right key and the original tempo. I don't want this as part of the recording I'm about to do but would like to use it as guide track. Problem is that I can't get it to sync up exactly with the estimated tempo.

Now, I'm sure there is some trick in Logic set the tempo to the guide track or tweak the guide track to have it match a set tempo (say, 116bpm). I want to use this to find the right drum loops and put everything in the right order before I start recording my actual audio tracks (and then get rid of the guide track audio). What's the easiest way? Or am I better off just writing the whole track down as a lead sheet and create my drums from there?