RCA Style Patch Bays For Sale


Rick Ruskin
I have 7 rca style patch bays that I no longer need. 3 are half-normalled Fostex 3010's, 2 are straight-through Fostex 3010's, & 2 are TEAC PB-64's. 1 TEAC has rack ears but the unit pictured is mounted on a rack drawer because it is the prototype for that unit. It is the only one like it. I know this because I was associated with the company back in the day. I'm asking $30 per bay or $170 for the lot. Direct Contact - rick@liondogmusic.comfostex bay 2.jpgfostex bay 1.jpgPB64 prototype 3.jpgPB64 prototype.jpgPB64 prototype 2.jpg