Radio Shack is Worth S**T

I must defend my town's Radio Shack. It used to be a proper electronics store before the owner franchised. I go in there and talk to the owner, who is in a band, and he knows exactly what I am asking for and he can find it with his eyes closed. And I can get mic stands and such at decent prices in two or three days. I also know who builds the Radio Shack equipment (RCA for stereos, switch cract for connectors, Shure for Mics, Samson for P.A. equipment, KOSS for headphones. Each of these companies have dedicated lines and quality assurance inspectors for their Radio Shack stuff with a significantly smaller return item number than the name brand stuff (2-3% compared to 7%+). R.S. stores might suck where you live and they may have limited pro line stuff, but in alot of cases they have merchandise that you will not find in alot of stores. And in a small town with no music store (pro or consumer) they have have made my day plenty.

Peace, Jim
That's one more thing I love about this board. Instant demographic feedback. I'm thinking it would be instructive (in view of the comments that have already been made) to nail this down by soliciting the input of anyone with info to the contrary.
Anyone know a RS in an urban area that's worth it's salt as an electronics hobby shop, or anyone in a rural setting that knows a RS
that's worthless?
it also kind of makes me appreciate the fact that i live in an area that promotes this hobby of mine... heck..i can think of 3 radio shack locations off the top of my head just in my small county.. not to mention 2 guitar centers , a sam ash , and a string of music shops down route 17.. if anyone lives in the ny/northern nj area , you know exactly what im talking about.. i dont know what i would do.. it would suck to order new gear on line , wait impatiently for a week for it to show up , and then realize you dont have the correct cables to use it , and have to wait another week.. i guess for some people radio shack , good service or not , is a blessing....

forever appreciative for his location ,

- eddie -
Ok, here is my statistical input. The town I live in has went through many Radio Shack incarnations. The original one was excellent. Carried a wide variety of products, and even had a technician on staff! imagine. This was in the 80's, parents bought me a TRS-80 there, still have it. Anyway. The current radio shack, (after 3 others came and went) carries everything. Unfortunately, very little of it is of any use to music or electronics. They have dvd videos, cd's, PB computers, satellite dish's, but a very limited supply of cabling and components. I went in the other day to pick up a can of compressed air.. no luck. It seems the quality of service and product selection varies greatly from area to area.
Amid reports of disappointing growth in sales at Radio Shacks nationwide, the stock of Tandy Corporation recovered from a one day 30% loss today to close at 53, a 19.6% one day drop. Four more of those and there won't be any RS stores.