Rack Recommendations?


I'm thinking of buying a rack to mount some of my gear.
I plan on having about 10 pieces when it's all done.
Anyone have any recommendations?
Inside? Get a couple 2x24" laminated panels. Grab a pair of rack rails. Build a box using 1x2" supports. Screw the rails onto the box. Put your stuff in the rack you built.

Screenshot 2022-06-26 204220.jpgScreenshot 2022-06-26 204118.jpg
I should mention I need to have this as light as possible, as I live in a flood zone, and need to be able to grab and go, if it comes to that.
In that case you might consider getting a couple of 6u moulded roadcases, and mount your stuff in them. If you need to leave in a hurry, just unplugged everything, throw the leads in the back, put the covers and pop them.
I was totally with laser’s suggestion then you added portability. Another question. What transport do you have? 24u rack with wheels is escapade if you have an emergency, but no good if you only have a car. 6U portable racks work but look less nice. There is also the case for simply insuring rather than escaping? I leave some gear in a locked up venue as I only ever use it there. It costs me 105 a year for an insurance extension. That’s good value and save my back!
studiospares rack 16U.jpg
I bought a couple of these from studiospares.com
Very practical with easy access from sides and rear.
Easier to move than a wooden cabinet, or a steel-cased cabinet.
I made a plywood insert with the corners cut out, as a table on the top.
Thanks - I was thinking of maybe going the plastic route, as I like the idea of a cover I can close.