R24 shows in windows but not on DAW


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Ok, I give up, so some help is highly appreciated :confused:. I own the R8 and works wonders, no problem. I used it to record on Cakewalk and with Zoom videoconferences for my piano lessons during the pandemic. Great. BUT! Now I got the R24 and wanted to switch to that one. Installed latest controllers (, updated firmware to v1.3, and the plugin for Sonar. Following the connection order of the manual Windows 7 Homa Premium 64 bits recognizes the R24 as audio I/O and I can set it as my prefered device. HOWEVER! when opening Cakewalk the R24 is not listed among the possible I/O devices. Further, if I use the balance on the R24 to hear ONLY the audio coming from the computer on my headphones I get a big NOTHING, and if I hit a key from the piano, I get a really weird Sci-Fi-like sound.
Any thoughts guys? The one with the right answers has free lodging when coming to Chile.