QUICK mixes of TELEFUNKEN "Live from the Labs" Stems


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Accept the challenge if you dare!
What can be done in an afternoon is the aim of this thread.

Google for: telefunken live-from-the-lab-season-4
(Needs email for registration)

Try to keep it within the stock plugins of your DAW, or say what you used

I'll go first with this nice acoustic / looped effect thing that these good people did;

Art: Megan Slankard & Alex Wong
Trk: There Are No Shadows In L.A.
Mixed: br3ttski
DAW: FL Studio (stock plugins + Valhalla Delay)
Time: 4 hrs

DM me for the FL project, happy to share, but can't upload after submitting the post apparently

Copy and Paste this into your post:

All audio files have been engineered and recorded by TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik and are presented for educational and demonstrational purposes only.


  • No Shadows in LA_2.mp3
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One Time Weekend

OK I'll go again... maybe this can just be a thread of my exploits :0P

Another one that I enjoyed, great band. Hit me up for the FLP if you want

Art: One Time Weekend
Trk: One Time Weekend (whoa oh oh ohh yeah)
Mixed: br3ttski on Yammy AG03 and Mackie HR824 v2
DAW: FL Studio 100% ITB Stock Plugins (Producer)
Time: 4-5 hrs I think
All audio files have been engineered and recorded by TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik and are presented for educational and demonstrational purposes only.

View attachment One Time Weekend_2.mp3

One Time Weekend_2.mp3 - Google Drive

All tracks normalised first.
All vocal mics cleaned up with volume automation (tedious but worth it) basically a look-ahead gate.

I'm usually intimidated by mixing drums but just took it slowly and figured out a method (start with overheads)

Overheads: pulled < 350Hz 6dB down with low shelf and pushed > 4.5kHz 8dB up with high shelf
These mics inform level and panning of the rest of the kit, they're mixed at -9dB into the drum submix
Room mic is fed into drum submix at -11dB as well. I found the track's life was in this mic.

Kick: Inside mic only - Peaking EQ at 6kHz to pull up the beater, then gated to isolate it a bit, expanded to about double original then parallel compressed (Maximus NY compression preset)
Didn't use the outside mic at all

Hats: pulled < 4.5kHz down 6dB with low shelf, unity gain into submix

Snares: no processing but the side sounded better to me when phase reversed all -4dB into submix and panned appropriately
Toms: just rolled off a little < 200Hz, unity gain into submix
Bass: Low end comes from DI bandpassed 40 - 180Hz and parallel compressed, slight distortion added to high passed amp signal, mixed to taste

Guitars: pulled down low end to make space for bass and kick, and -4dB above 3k to let the cymbals and vocals shine through
Lead Guitar is stereo spread with FL Studio Stereo Shaper - Stereoize 3 preset

Vocals: -12dB shelf below 300Hz, +6dB shelf above 3.5kHz, parallel compressed moderately, less than backing vox. Pitcher (autotune) into 8th note bandpass delay into nearly mono reverb.
Backing Vox: same as Vox but +12dB shelf above 3.5kHz and parallel compressed (Maximus NY preset)

Levelled to -15 LUFS integrated with Youlean

No volume automation, they're a well balanced band already. Probably could have found something to automate but happy with its live vibe.
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