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I'm trying to hook up a microphone to my computer, is this all I need?

(1) Audio-Technica AT2020 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
(2) Focusrite Scarlett Solo Compact USB Audio Interface // Question: Do you recommend this or the PreSonus AudioBox USB 2x2 USB Recording Interface?
(3) Nady SSM-3 Shock Mount
(4) Musician's Gear Tweed Lo-Z Woven Mic Cable // Question: Is this the only cable I'll need?

I'm buying a mic stand with a pop filter as well.

I have a Macbook Air with Garageband.

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Microphone is fine, either of those interfaces is fine, though I like the Presonus because of the extra channel and the midi in and out. They might come in handy later. Any shock mount that takes the AT2020 will be fine, and any reasonable XLR to XLR cable will be fine.

You need to add headphones and monitors (depending on what your purpose is). Either or both should be connected to the interafce, which takes over the job of your macbook's internal sound.


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yep. that should do it. the scarlet has phantom power (+48) that needs to be turned on to power the condenser mic. It is also compatible with macs.

Mic>---mic cable---> scarlet >--- USB cable ---> mac air

Once droivers are installed open GB, tutn on the interface and make a new track and assing the Scarlet as the input and also the output if you choose to use monitors


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Not read much about the Audio Box 2x2 and I cannot find a review I trust but Presonus have an excellent rep.
Can't ever see the point of a single mic input AI if you intend to do any kind of music, if people are THAT strapped, buy an Alesis iO2 or go second hand. If you can stretch to it, the Steinberg UR22 has continued to keep a good name in the £100 AI slot.

Cables? You can never have too many! The cost and style of a cable will not make one iota of difference to the sound, just buy decently made stuff.

If you get active monitors (and do, ASAP, then you will need to genn' up on "room treatment"!) you will need two "Tip, Ring, Sleeve" jack plug to jack plug leads (or XLR to TRS) . You can use an audio.hi fi system to monitor in which case you will probably need 2x TS (" mono, guitar style) plug to RCA phono plug cables.

And yes! Always get MIDI if at all possible!



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I use the PreSonus USB for all my recordings. The bonus is- it should come with a version of Studio One 2, a great DAW. Once you get used to the software, you can upgrade to the full version later for about $100. The software also comes with Melodyne and a decent amp sim.


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Thank you for all your advice, but one question...

Does the Presonus AI have phantom power to power my mic? Or do I have to buy a separate preamp?