questions on mixdown, plug ins for Audition cs6


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last music demo I did I was unaware that there was an effects rack...this would have obviously saved me much time.
My questions are once I get my mixdown, I'm trying to set compression levels but keep them to a point where it doesn't squish the music too much. I like the multiband compressor and can customize it how I want. Is there a point of using an additional single band compressor? Also, I tried messing around with the dynamic processing last time and was difficult to get a good sound. Can I just skip the other two and just use the multiband?

Plugins...I have a site a friend showed me he uses to rent plug ins. I found many that I could work with however is it overkill to use the effect settings Audition has on a effect rack and use a bunch of plug ins? The mastering option Adobe is ok but sounds very synthetic. Should I find a plug in that could work much better and not use the mastering?