Question related to "Staff View" and "Chord Properties".


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Cakewalk Version 2018.11 (Build 31,64)

One other thing I don't understand is in "Chord Properties" the Finger/Thumb option. When I try to use this feature it does not show a number (1 thru 4) or a (T) for thumb it just shows black dot. What is the purpose of the Finger/Thumb option if it is only going to place a black dot on the grid?

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My first thought was a player will know when he sees the fingering that it must be the thumb, usually because you don't do that unless you have to, but there will be times when it's not clear and a T would settle it.

Another thought, make the usual diagram with everything except the Thumb dot, so D/F# would just look like D, then add the thumb dot you prepared earlier using Paint or Photoshop, which of course includes the T.

It would be a drag but over time you'd end up with a whole slew of thumb dot diagrams.