Question about sampling down when rendering


I have a tracks recorded at 96kHz, with one part I had to use which was recorded at 44.1kHz. When I render the whole thing at 44.1kHz, what happens to the part recorded at 44.1kHz? Does the program render it at 44.1 or 22kHz?
Not sure how you are mixing, but if you are using a DAW, then the project settings, e.g. 96kHz, should cause any imported tracks to automatically get converted to the project's sample rate. You can do that yourself before importing with something like Audacity.
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I'm using Reaper. Maybe I'll post that specific question there. It would be nice if it was automatically up-sampled.
I'd not worry. It's done! If a file is imported into a project like your 96K one - and it is the right pitch and the right length is HAS been re-rendered. Forget it's origin.

Audio DAWs seem to do this process automatically. In video editors, it's always a snag - they tend to bring files in at the data rate of the project - so you discover an audio track that is the wrong length and wrong pitch, which you have to fix. Audio DAWs seem to not allow mixed formats in a project, so fix them for you, or in some, warn you, or ask you. I suppose video editors just import the data, assuming all is good. Audio ones at least notice!

The downside with mixed files is that the up conversion created duplicates of the original data to complete the file that had 50% missing. You then throw half away when exporting at the lower data rate. The accuracy of the clock introduce a few errors I'd guess, where the 'created' data might be left in and the original data thrown away, changing the waveform, but I'd doubt it would even be noticed..
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If the 44.1k track plays back at the same speed as the rest of the tracks, one of two things is happening automatically.

1. the 44.1k track was automatically upsampled when you imported it.
2. the 44.1k track is upsampled on the fly during playback and mixing.

Either way, the DAW is taking care of it and it is a non-issue.

Back when the earth was cooling and daws weren't as smart as they are now, you had to make sure everything was the same sample rate or else the tracks wouldn't be in time or in tune with the other tracks.
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