Question about changing a clip's key/tempo in Acid Pro 10


New member
I used to use Acid Pro way back when it was version 2.0. When you had a clip selected, and hit plus or minus, it would change the key or tempo of the clip (depending on the type of clip.) In Acid Pro 2.0, you could take a clip from +99 to -99. While I never used the highest or lowest of the range, I would frequently take a bass hit from -32 to +32 incrementally at certain points in my (electro/techno) song.

I am just now getting back into the music scene, and picked up Acid Pro 10. I notice they've limited the tempo modification limits. They're now -24 to +24. Is there any way I can remove those arbitrary limits, and make the tempo modifications available from -99 to +99 (or at LEAST -32 to +32)?

That was a feature I used a lot, and would really love to be able to continue using it.