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Ok, I have one song ready to burn to a cdr disk. Now my question is if I go ahead and burn this one song to a cd, am I going to be able to burn more songs to that cd later? Or do all the tracks need to be burned at one time?

this might be more suited for the newbie area. Sorry to anyone offended.
Just don't "close" the disc. You should be able to burn more cuts at a later date; But you can't listen to your results on a regular CD player until you close the disc. But that's not that important. You can (and should) monitor your cuts at the .wav file stage of the process. I find this partial burn deal to be too confusing; I just gather one CD's worth of stuff on my HD and burn it when it's ready. Then I listen to the CD on another player. When I'm satisfied that everything's OK I wipe the HD and start over.
So basiclly, until I have everything on the disk that I want, I can't listen to it? Sort of sucks. So as long as I don't "close" the disk, I can keep recording to it? And as long as the disk is still "open", I can't listen to it? And once a disk is "closed" it can't be written to anymore...regardless of available room?

Man that kind of sucks. I just wanted to be able to show off my song to everyone. Cds tend to impress a little more than .wav files. It's all psychological. Oh well, thanks for the info!!
Hey Busboy,
Your other option would be to use a CD-RW if your cd burner supports that format. The discs are rewritable, and can be erased and recorded on over and over. They cost about 10-15x more than a CD-R.
But heck, I've burned just one tune to a CD-R. If you can manage to set yourself back a buck or two everytime you do it. To me, it is just wasting a dollar, and when my Fiance isn't looking, that is okay with me!
CD-RW disks won't play in a regular CD player and I think Busboy is looking for that capability over and above the archiving.
And your CD-RW pricing is way out of date.
They're only 3 - 5 times more than CDR now!
I like the write protection and the price of the CDR format. You can't get a decent 74 minute cassette for that price.

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I agree with drstawl.Save the tracks on your hard drive until you are ready to burn.I wouldnt use the CDRW.Heck, CD's are so cheap, you can burn one or two songs pretty cheap anyway if you have to hear it on CD right now.Waste a cd or wait and save a couple of bucks. No biggie either way.

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I was just SUGGESTING CDRW, I don't think that is the best way to go. And as far as prices... I don't think I am too out of date. The last I checked, I could buy CD-r's in bulk at about a buck apiece. The CD-RW's go for about $15-20$ in stores. If you can give me links to cheaper, I would appreciate it!
The user manual for my drive advises against using CDRW disks for music. You can go to Office Max and get a 5 pack of CDRW disks, with jewel cases and everything for just a little under $20.
Just a thought....If your using adaptec's creator software (I think v-3.5 or higher)your able to close the "session"(which would be your one song) while maintaining an open disc status...Things get complicated after this because the majority of the time your not able to listen to subsequent sessions but you can still archive them and listen to them on your CD-ROM. There has been times when i've got it to work but I'm not sure if its the session selector or the combination of several sessions on a CD-r.....
Hope this helps in the future...