Quad Mixing


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I want to know how quad records were mixed in the 70's. Did they or did they not use a mixing board that had a 4-way pan [as opposed to just left/right pan]. If so, where can I find one. If not, how did they do it? I want to record my band in quad. Most people think I'm nuts but I know it was done somehow. Help...Anyone?
I think those records were mixed to four tracks. I also think that you needed a special record player for those LPs (or at least a special cartridge).

I'm not sure. The only time I ever saw quad sound first-hand was in college when the professor had set up an old recorder (that was 4 track, if i'm not mistaken) to play each track to a different speaker. I think he had mixed using the 4 buss outputs rather than the stereo output.

I dunno ...

You may have an easier time setting up to encode to 5.1 surround when you mix than try to find old quad equipment. A lot of home entertainment systems can decode surround now, so maybe that's an alternative.

I don't know if I helped or not ... oh well
One way is to use a 4 track cassette machine. Get your band set up around 4 mics 90 degrees apart, and record. Go with the individual tape outs (424mkII and III feature) to two stereo amps and playback to 4 speakers. (two pairs of L-R, one pair infront, and another behind)

All the panning during tracking must be done by placing the musician's amps in the right spot.


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Thanks to both of youwho replyed to my question. While the info is helpful, it kind of missed my main piont: I want to be able to do a 4-way pan, not just left to right, but diagonal too. I have a lot of quad stuff and on that, the balance is a joystick. i'm looking for a mixer that uses something like that to do a 4-way pan. Any help, here, will also be of great use.