Pyle 100 dollar drum mics


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Moral of the story here: Don't let the cost of drum mics be a barrier to you getting into drum recording, and don't fret too hard when the pretengineers tell you "you need this [whatever was in mix magazine this month] mic or you cant record

I don't like leaving all my expensive recording mics out in the room where bands practice and we teach lessons, and I especially hate having so many mic stands in precarious positions, so I went looking for some cheap clip on drum mics

I settled on a 100 dollar 7 piece Pyle Drum mic set, the PDMK7.

I'm pretty surprised and happy with the results! I hate to see the forums or facebook where alleged experts tell noobs they need to spend thousands on one mic just to get started learning this stuff

Here's a real drummer trying them

Pyle mics with real drummer - YouTube

And an earlier test, where I'm first trying them out

Pyle Drum Mic Kit Test - YouTube

I would be more than perfectly happy with this sound for even my professional recordings, no hesitations! A big thing for me was the fact that the tom mics were easy enough to place and had enough rejection to keep the cymbals from opening the snare and tom gates.

Also just goes to show how amazingly much difference a drummer can make.