Putting together my live rig(pics)


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The band is going to be kicking things off again in September.(been taking a break while the bass player winds up his degree)I have been doing lots of research on how to make things easier on myself as far as set up and tear down.My goal was to go from truck to complete stage setup in 10 minutes or less.
This project is not complete yet as I am waiting for some components to arrive and still researching some things.
Anyway here is the gear lowdown for anyone interested:
Bogner Shiva w/reverb
Voodoo lab GCX audio switcher
Voodoo lab Ground control pro
2 Voodoo lab pedal power 2's(one in the rack and one on the floorboard)
Various pedal effects
Pedaltrain pro floorboard
Port City 212 OS

The Bogner,switcher,and pedals are all going to be racked up.The only things on the board will be a Wah, tuner, volume pedal, and the ground control pro.The port city cab will be housed in a live in road case.
A little on how it all works:
The switcher has 8 true bypass loops with in/out send/return for each.Any subsection of the 8 loops can be routed in many different ways.For mine, I have 3 designated for amp switching(dirty/clean ,reverb on/off, and boost),1 going into the front of the amp,and 4 going into the loop.I have a decimator and a 7 band EQ at the end of the loop chain that stay on at all times and are not switchable.
The Ground control is the brain for the switcher.This thing has made life so much easier.Gone are the days of tap dancing on a pedal board!It has 20 banks with 10 presets per bank.It will switch the amp and the racked pedal effects anyway you want it to.Need to engage a delay, overdrive, and switch channels while also turning off the amps reverb?No problem.Program the preset and you can do it by simply depressing one button.
So on to some pics.........


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