Push And Shove (Demo)


The guitar and drums don't really sync at all. But the guitar by itself is kind of cool actually. Sad and searching. The vocals have a bit too much bass but I appreciate their unintelligible, abstract nature. Sometimes our feelings can't be articulated in words but through sound. The guitar becomes more defined midway in and I like the complex prog-rock character around the 2:00 mark and the electric guitar doubling. What tuning are you playing? It sounds like you might be a music student or know some theory. With more powerful drums and production this actually would sound pretty kick ass in a Metallica way.


I agree with above. Interesting song but the drums are not lined up with the song. Almost like a mistake. Why not try using drums that are on the beat. I think the song will be much better. Great guitar tone!

Bulls Hit

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It sounds like you've accidentally mixed the wrong drum track. I like the guitar melodies and progression. I would put a high pass filter on the vocal, then compress it and bring it forward to improve the clarity