Punching In for Singer/songwriter Recording


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A little quiet here (Logic users, where are you?) so I'll just stick a discovery I had - may not be news for others but it made things easier for me.

Anyway, I love the "takes" folder feature and creating comps when adding single tracks or even punching in, but when I'm recording a person that sings and plays at the same time, and they want to go back and fix a word or just a short bit, it doesn't work because bleed in the tracks means I need to record both voice and guitar (e.g.). If there's no click (and typically not for these folks), using Takes causes the existing tracks to mute while recording the new part, and for a lot of folks, it creates problems staying aligned, plus the new track would need to get FX dup'd, cross-faded manually (vs. "quick-swipe" comping feature of takes). In short, more work and never as easy as Takes.

Well (duh), Logic has the ability to convert tracks into a Take Folder, just like you can create a Folder Stack! So, that means I can leave the existing tracks alone, with a bit of automation to remove some distraction if words are changing, so the person being recorded can still monitor the original tempo. When done recording the punch in, you create a Take folder by selecting the tracks' regions, right-click on the region, and click on Folder->Pack Take Folder. Now I can use the quick-swipe to easily create a comp from the original track and punch in.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 7.56.23 AM.png

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