Punch Replace LOGIC 9 bug/user error?

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I have a question about punch on the fly in logic 9. I use it all the time, mainly in replace mode and it makes my workflow so much easier, but there is a strange thing that happens on about 20% of my sessions that i cant seem to work around.

I mainly work with audio regions, and While punching on the fly in Replace mode, sometimes the older regions (the old take) do
not get replaced, and the new region overlaps on top. Any edit to remedy this causes a huge confusing crossfade between the takes, and clicking on the region shows a hybrid form of the mess (some combo of older takes and newer takes overlapping)

With a single track there in an easy fix,
Drag the new region(new take) to a new track, and manually erase what should have been replaced in the first place. With drum tracks this can be a headache. Anyone experience this? and its that it is an intermittent problem that worries me. Any help would be appreciated to solve this problem once and for all! Thanks in advance!
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I think i solved this problem. The trick seems to be:

When punching in on the fly, the region to be replaced gets highlighted in black; the trick is to NOT CLICK the region when the record button is on and the playhead is moving. If clicked (and the black highlighted border goes away), it tends to tell logic to create a new region on top of the existing region, which creates an overlap which is difficult to edit.

Hope that helps anyone who had the same problem as me! Thanks!