PTs 8 downloads but does not install


New member

Unable to get my PTs 6.9.3 working properly, I loaded PTs 8 which I received almost a year ago directly from an AVID tech onto another hard drive with OS X 5.8 to use that instead.

The problem is that while the link does download & I open it up to install, it doesn't let me click the 'continue' tab. The arrow to click is gone, it freezes up & I have to use the 'apple-option-esc' keys to force quit.

Anyone have any thoughts why this should occur??

Not an answer to your question but I posted a solution to your 6.9 issue in the other thread.

Hi There Steenamaroo,

I tried what you suggested in answer to my problem as well as a few other suggestions from other forums & I still had the problem, which prompted me to just try to go with my PTs 8 setup & now can't get this setup to complete the download process.

Thanx for your suggestion.