ProTools, MIDI Controllers, and Software Instruments


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Hi all, I recently started using ProTools after having moved from Logic and Studio One. I’m having some difficulty getting my MIDI controllers to control specific software instruments exclusively. For instance, I have a Launchkey that I had used to control Audio Lab 5, and a Beatstep Pro that I had used to control a virtual drummer and things like Groovecell. In Logic and Studio One I could have all the software instrument tracks on input and when I would play the Launchkey, I’d hear Audio Lab. When I hit the pads on the Beatstep, I’d hear Groovecell or Impact. Now, in ProTools, I’m not quite sure how to assign that exclusivity. I’ve managed to assign the Launchkey to trigger Audio Lab, but the Beatstep pads will also trigger it. If i select the Groovecell track, the Beatstep triggers it, but so does the Launchkey. If I put the tracks on input through “record ready” I hear nothing. Not a total slouch with MIDI, but not sure where I’m going wrong.

Each midi track can be set to a different midi channel as can most midi instrument inserts