Progressive Stoner Rock Thingy


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This is kind of a prototype song for a Stoner Rock project I wanted to do for a long time.
I recorded/programmed everything myself and it's only missing lyrics and vocals. Bass guitar is a bit low in the mix but that's intentional (still has lots of low end), because the bass guitar I have is kinda crap.
One thing I'm wondering is: Can I get away with VST drums for a release? (Might still need to tweak a few things then)
I already put a lot of effort into the sound; especially guitar and drums. I still need to redo the guitar in a few spots but nothing dramatic. I don't intend to double track it.
This is probably as far as I can take it with my limited equipment and homerecording capabilities, but what do you folks think? Feedback is much appreciated!

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"it's only missing lyrics and vocals"
Loved it that way!
Well, if you do not mind I copied the music so I have one without "lyrics", in case I cannot find it if you do it with vocals ultimately. I listen to music without lyrics (except for Greydon Square), hence my taste for Joe Satriani, Buckethead, Blotted Science style of music, and what you created. :)
Well done.