Problems with misaligned editing


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Hi guys,

So I'm editing in Logic (Which I heard and noticed maybe isn't the best program to edit in).

Anyway I'm editing all these kick samples that are out of phase in trying to get every kick-hit to be placed on the original kick markers.

I've done everything manually (taken me about 6 hours or so), but when I bounce out every track they don't match up. Some hits match up, while some are off.

I've checked if there's maybe some mistakes in the editing but everything seems to be correct. Also seen if I can drag the entire track to make it match, but the bounce seems to have processed everything inconsistently so I can't drag it to be consistent with the original take.

I heard by a friend that it might be a CPU thing, so I've duplicated the project and deleted everything else except the samples, fixing the buffer size. But that doesn't seem to do much either.

What have I missed here? Feel like I've put down a lot of time into finding good samples/editing etc, to not really get that punch/true low-end I would need throughout the whole song.

Would appreciate if someone could give me any tips on how to solve this?:)

Cheers, Adam
I wonder if you're doing something differently? You've manually edited the individual kits so they are on the markers. Can I assume that at this point, pressing play gives you kicks that are spot on? If the kicks are dead on and it sounds good - what happens if you do a faders in a line stereo export - does that also play in time?

If you are bouncing? What for? Normally you'd get those notes sorted in their timing, get them sounding good with whatever processing you fancy and do your mixing later.

At what stage does the delay creep in? If it's when you bounce and before that they are fine - don't bounce - just mix later.
I've had one single sample audio-hit of a few samples and then put them all at the same time on every original kick-hit throughout the song. I bounce them because i edit them in a separate project, felt i should bounce all the tracks before exporting them to the original project (maybe that's not necessary?)

Also for CPU reasons (not having a few hundred sections of kick audio-snippets on every kick-track, which of course would be solved if i just exported them directly to the original project, without bouncing first. If that doesn't mess up anything?).

Yes they do sound good before I bounce them, it's after I bounce all the snippets of kick hits into one single audio tracks that they get misaligned.

How would I do a fader in a line stereo export?

Cheers, Adam
I'm a cubase user so can't give you the full details - but what I meant was not to do a real mix, just shove every fader to the same place, rotten though that will sound, and export the file as a stereo mixdown - I'm just wondering why you found the need to bounce? cpu load comes from real time processing. You're just chopping a long audio file into bits, and moving them. That's one track to the computer. it sounds like when you are doing this bounce its being quantised to the start of each chopped up bit, not the actual note?
So, you say that when you listen to the mix, it sounds fine, but the bounce does not? Are you sure you are *not* bouncing in realtime, i.e., "offline" mode? That's the only way your plugins/DSPs would possibly impact the bounce.

Are you using 3rd party plugins or DSPs? Have you tried freezing the tracks, playing back to confirm it is the same, and then bouncing?

Are you selecting a region, or using a cycle area, or just bouncing the entire project without bound?

I'm not sure what you're finding hard about editing in Logic. With flextime or even just quantizing the regions it should be pretty quick to get things lined up. Phase/polarity is a switch on the [utility] Gain plugin, and might be in channel controls - haven't needed it myself for a couple years. I mean, either the entire track is phase misaligned or it's not. Once you get the phase right on the first kick/snare/whatever, the rest is just quantizing or flex-time manipulation, and that's pretty easy in the larger edit window at the bottom (opens when you double-click the region).